Kentucky Pediatric Society Foundation 2016 Annual Fund Donors

Thank you donors; we are deeply grateful for your support and generosity. It is through your support that we can pursue child health initiatives that will impact the health care of children in our state.  Together we’re changing the landscape for kids in Kentucky.

Rowena Aquino, M.D., FAAP
Kimberly Boland, M.D., FAAP
Stephen Church, M.D., FAAP
Elizabeth Doyle, M.D., FAAP
Patricia Faulkner-Simmons, M.D., FAAP
Sofia Franco, M.D.
Monica Griffith, MSN, ARNP
Jeffrey Grill, M.D., FAAP
William Harrell, M.D.
Sarah Hart, M.D., FAAP
Joshua Honaker, M.D., FAAP
Jeffrey Meyer, M.D., FAAP
John Payne, M.D., FAAP
Renita Price, M.D., FAAP
Patricia Purcell, M.D., FAAP
Gerard Rabalais, M.D., MHA, FAAP
Julia Richerson, M.D., FAAP
William Revelette, M.D., PhD, FAAP
Amael Shalash, M.D., FAAP
Anthony Smith, DO, FAAP
Debra Sowell, M.D., FAAP
Jennifer Stiff, M.D., FAAP
James Straub, M.D., FAAP
Robert Tagher, M.D., FAAP
Judith Theriot, M.D.
Sharon Wynn, M.D., FAAP


Program Underwriters

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Foundation
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky


Every gift is extremely important to us, helping to improve children’s health throughout Kentucky. We strive to be complete and accurate when acknowledging our donors. If we have made an error or omission, please forgive us for the inaccuracy and contact Mary York, Chapter Executive Director, at