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Julia Richerson, MD, FAAP, Chapter CATCH Facilitator

Amber Pendlelton, MD, FAAP, District IV CATCH Facilitator

Have you found that children under your care are not receiving services necessary to maintain their routine health care? Are there specific barriers that you have identified that prevent this from happening? If so, I would like to encourage you to consider participating in the American Academy of Pediatrics Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) Program. The mission of CATCH is to support pediatricians who work with communities to assure that all children have medical homes and have access to any other needed health care services. There are four types of grants available through CATCH. The two most commonly utilized are the CATCH Planning Funds Program and the CATCH Implementation Funds Program. Planning grants provide the recipient with up to $10,000 to assess and document the needs of children in the community, develop collaborative partnerships for planning an initiative, and successfully prepare for implementation of a plan to provide needed services or eliminate barriers to care. Implementation Grants provide funds ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 to initiate innovative, community-based proposals to increase children’s access to a medical home and other needed services. Planning Funds grant applications are due between May and July of each year, and Implementation Funds grants are due between November and January. In addition, there are grants available to resident physicians and also to pediatric training programs.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation ranked Kentucky 37th overall in providing health care services to children in the United States (based on 2001 data). With the quality of our training programs and services available here in the state, it is clear that there are obstacles that we must overcome to improve children’s access to care and the overall quality of our outcomes. The national CATCH offices will provide pediatricians with technical assistance and guidance in writing these grants. Here in Kentucky,I serve as your CATCH facilitator. I can provide assistance in helping you clarify an idea for a grant, point you toward resources to explore your topic, and aid you in the actual writing of your proposal. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss any ideas that you might have for writing a CATCH grant. I would also be willing to make arrangements to travel to your area to meet with local physicians to explain the program more fully. Additional information can be found at the CATCH web site,, or you can e-mail the national office at . You can also reach me via email or phone (see contact info above). Working together we can improve the lives of children in the state of Kentucky and eliminate frustrating obstacles that hinder our efforts.

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